A piece of the future. GreenTech - Our foundation for tomorrow.

  Dr. Greiff with Clarissa Corrêa da Silva © RWTH

How are raw materials and construction materials obtained? How can harmful CO2 emissions be reduced, which are mainly caused by the use of concrete in construction? Clarissa Corrêa da Silva and Ralph Caspers, known among other things from "Die Sendung mit der Maus," explain why GreenTech is the foundation for our future, using the example of current research projects at RWTH. The result is a new film production of the university, the second part of the series "A Piece of the Future" and can be seen on the YouTube channel of RWTH. Among other things, the clip focuses on construction, from resource extraction to recycling and new methods.

Participating from the academic student advisory side are involved: Prof. Kathrin Greiff from the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) and Rectorate Representative for Sustainability, Prof. Elisabeth Clausen from the Chair and Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) and Alexandra Radl, M.Sc. and Senior Engineer at the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT).


  Dr. Clausen with Ralph Caspers © RWTH