Practical application in focus

  Nivelsteiner Sandwerke Copyright: © Martin Braun

The concept of the FRE has been clearly defined: modern university institutes are more than mere think tanks for industry; it has proven extremely productive if research institutes and the industry pull together in the same direction.

With its institutes as well as teaching and research sections the FRE covers the entire raw materials cycle from raw material mining though to processing and transport and recycling. Our staff work together on inter-disciplinary projects – because problems know no subject boundaries. This makes the FRE a competent and reliable partner for the raw materials industry as well as for disposal and recycling management.

To provide solutions as a technical-scientific service provider and to be able to execute these on site, the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering (FRE) combines the competences of 9 institutes as well as teaching and research sections:

AMR - Unit of Mineral Processing

BBK I - Institute of Mining Engineering I

BBK III - Raw Materials Mining in open-pit mining and Drilling Engineering

BUR - Unit of Mining, Environmental and European Law

I.A.R. - The Department of Processing and Recycling

IFM - Institute for Mine-surveying, Mining Damage and Geophysics in Mining

IMR - Institute for Mechanical Engineering in the Raw Materials Industry

INBK - Institute for Nuclear Fuel Cycle

TEER - Unit of Technology of Fuels

Core competences of the FRE are in the fields of:

  • Deposits management
  • Raw materials management
  • Mining engineering
  • Processing and recycling
  • Mechanical engineering and diagnosis.