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This is how you get to know the university from the inside before you even start your studies!

Why do I need a matriculation number? What are the elective courses and in which course of studies are there specializations?

At the beginning of your studies you will not only meet a lot of new people, but also a lot of new terms and facts. This can be a bit confusing at the beginning. If you've heard about weekly semester hours and elective courses before you start your studies, you'll have a clear advantage. And who would be better suited to give you an understanding of the university with all its organizational and subject-related peculiarities than our students? So if you feel like spending a day at the university, attending lectures and tutorials, and having lunch in the canteen, then get in touch with us!

We will arrange a tandem partner for you - a student from the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering, whom you will accompany for a day and who will show you around the university.



Sabine Backus

Division Representative


+49 241 80 96524