Studying at the RWTH


Aachen – Student life

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Aachen is still quite manageable with its approx. 260,000 inhabitants, yet it lacks nothing - especially not students, because they are strongly represented here in Aachen. More than 50,000 young people study at the RWTH and the various universities of applied sciences, making Aachen a real student city. Whether you want to go out, play sports or enjoy culture, the city has something to offer for everyone.

If you want to go out, the meeting place is often Pontstraße. Here you can find numerous pubs, cafes and restaurants. But also at the market and in the rest of the city, everyone gets their money's worth - whether you just want to drink a beer or really party. Not to forget the numerous student parties - some department is always organizing a beginning or end of semester party or has something else to celebrate!

Since Aachen can look back on 2000 years of history, there are numerous sights to see here, such as the cathedral, the city hall, the old town and the hot springs. The theater, various museums, concerts as well as the activities and events of the RWTH leave nothing to be desired culturally.

Aachen - city of short distances

In addition to all the activities with which you can spend your time in Aachen and its surroundings, you will of course also spend a lot of time at the university. The RWTH has grown with the city, so to speak, and so you can find administrative facilities, lecture halls, seminar buildings, refectories, etc. all over Aachen.

At the beginning it is sometimes difficult to find the right lecture hall or the right contact person, but with a little practice you will get along very quickly. In general, everything in Aachen can be reached easily by bus or bicycle.

You've probably looked at some university rankings lately, after all, you want to know what reputation the various universities have. You've probably seen RWTH Aachen University in one or two of the top positions. It is the largest technical university in Europe and enjoys a very high reputation worldwide. This is also shown by the many foreign students who come to RWTH from all over the world and give it an international flair. Especially in the technical field, RWTH Aachen is a top address.