Specialization Mining

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The extraction of mineral raw materials is the basic condition for various products we use every day as well as for the production of energy and the provision of building materials.

Mineral Resources Engineers in the field of mining deal with the discovery of mineral deposits, the mining of raw materials with more environmentally friendly and economically sensible technology and the legal conditions of extraction. They decide which mining techniques have to be used in individual projects and develop efficient production systems. Students are taught in the properties of raw materials, working safety, geological data management, the marketing of extracted materials, and basics in law as well as economics. Mineral Resources Engineers specialised in mining design underground buildings and tunnels in special civil engineering, work as a development or sales engineer for machine manufacturers, as an explosives engineer for explosives manufacturers or are employees in management consulting firms.

They detect deposits and infrastructures using modern measurement techniques, document and evaluate geographic and basic data by means of geographic information systems and work on potential geological risks caused by mining.

With a specialization in sustainable mining or mine surveying, students can also acquire the prerequisites for subsequent training in higher civil service (mining or mine surveying assessor).

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