Mandatory Excursion(s) Winter Semester 2023/24

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The large mandatory excursion is split into many smaller excursions from the summer semester 2023. All excursions offered in the semester (related to the mandatory excursions) can be taken from the picture.

For the necessary 2 CP, 4 excursion days (1 day = 0.5 CP) have to be attended and an examination has to be passed.

The excursion days can be arranged according to the published list, depending on the available places. The participants receive a certificate of participation for each excursion.

The examination performance according to the module description does not have to be done for each excursion, but only once. For examination topics, participants must contact the institutes.

As soon as the complete requirements (4 excursion days with corresponding participation certificate + examination performance) have been fulfilled, the documents for the recognition of the performance must be submitted to our student advisor Michael Selzner.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Selzner or also ask the institutes.

We wish you great experiences during the excursions!