Studyglossary A to Z


Studyglossary A to Z

Studying Abroad

Experience abroad is becoming an increasingly important component of a successful university education. In addition to the linguistic and technical knowledge acquired during a period of study abroad, a stay abroad generally broadens horizons and provides decisive impulses for personal development. The stay abroad imparts a broader general and specialized knowledge and contacts can be made which have a positive effect on a professional and private level.

A distinction can be made between three different forms of study abroad during the course of studies: a study period abroad lasting one to two semesters, an internship abroad in a company, and a research stay at a foreign university or research institution.

Leave of Absence

According to the legal requirements of the Higher Education Act, students may be granted leave of absence from their studies for good cause. The enrollment regulations provide more detailed information on this.

Credit Points (CP)

were introduced in Germany as part of the Bologna Process - the changeover from Diplom or Magister degrees to Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. They measure the workload of an average student for the course of study or for an individual module.

Dean’s List

The dean's list is a list of the best students from each course of study. The top five percent of the best students in a class will receive promotion.


The First-Year-Students-Coaching is, as the name suggests, aimed at all newly enrolled students of the bachelor's degree program Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply. The aim of the coaching is to provide students with all the important information they need on their way through their studies. Furthermore, they get to know tutors who act as contact persons for them and offer them help with questions or problems. The tutors give the students tips on planning their studies and exams and discuss topics such as "examination regulations" or "Student Advisory Service" with them. In certain course units, it is also possible to ask the tutors questions about the content of exercises (e.g. mechanics or chemistry). In the first-semester coaching, however, the newly enrolled students benefit above all from the experience of the students from the higher semesters.

Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering (FRE)

The Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering (FRE) has been part of the RWTH Aachen University for 140 years and since its foundation in 1880 has stood for interdisciplinary research projects, the conquest of new fields of technology and a high-quality range of courses. Together with the two other divisions "Earth Sciences and Geography" and "Materials Science and Engineering", FRE forms the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering.

Departmental student representative committee

Departmental student representative committees are the student representatives in the departments of the RWTH and thus a part of student self-administration. The student councils represent students vis-à-vis the faculties, organize the First-Year Orientation week and are usually the first point of contact in case of problems during their studies. The student body of RWTH Aachen University is divided into 18 student representatives. The Departmental student representative committee mining, energy, and recycling is responsible for our division.


In each faculty of RWTH Aachen University there are different committees and boards. In Faculty 5 (Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering) there are the following committees: Council of Elders, Faculty Council, Division Council, Committee of Financial Affairs and Development, Quality Improvement Commission, Committee of Postgraduate Study, Study Advisory Council and the Examination Boards. Students are also members of all committees and represent your interests.

Higher Study Semester

If you have already studied at another college/university/division before transferring to a study program of the "Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering" (FRE), it may be possible to assign you to a higher subject semester, provided that study places are available in this semester and you have already successfully passed subject-relevant examinations.

Please contact the relevant departmental student advisor regarding a placement certificate.


Enrollment is the registration in a study program. The applicant becomes a member of the university. Enrollment or registration takes place in person, electronically or in writing at the Student Secretariat at the specified times.


You may retake a failed exam a total of two times. If these attempts do not lead to success, you will have another opportunity to be examined orally by the lecturer. In total, therefore, there is usually the possibility of taking an examination three times in writing and once orally. If the oral examination is not passed, the module is definitively not passed and a successful completion in the study program is no longer possible. The termination of enrollment is the consequence.

Furthermore, it is not possible to repeat an examination that has already been passed.

Learning Portal (RWTHmoodle)

RWTHmoodle is the teaching and learning portal of RWTH Aachen University. 

In the learning portal, lecturers can offer virtual learning rooms for their courses. A learning room contains learning materials and relevant information about the lecture or exercise. If you do not have access to the learning room, please contact the responsible assistant of the chair.


Mentoring for the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering aims to guide and support students throughout their studies.

In confidential mentoring, you have the opportunity to discuss personal issues that may have an impact on your course of study.

Module Handbook

For the summer semester 2020, the module catalogs were replaced by the module handbooks. The module handbooks can now be viewed per study program and examination regulations version in RWTHonline on a semester-by-semester basis. Instructions can be found in the internal wiki of RWTH Aachen University.

For the winter semester 2019/2020 you can also find module catalogs in the module catalog archive.

Transcript of Records

(See also: RWTHonline) The transcript of records provides you with an overview of your examination results. You can print out your transcript of records yourself at RWTHonline or obtain a signed and certified version from the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

A so-called unadjusted grade transcript contains all failed attempts in addition to your passed performances. You can only obtain this from the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

Orientation Phase

The first five weeks after the start of lectures are referred to as the orientation phase. This period serves to acclimate students to their studies.

Examination Board

The examination board is a body of the faculty and an authority in the sense of administrative procedure law and administrative process law. The members are equally composed of the professors, the group of scientific employees and the student body.

The examination board ensures that the provisions of the examination regulations are observed and that the examinations are conducted properly.

In particular, it is responsible for deciding on appeals in examination matters. The meetings are not open to the public.

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In the campus management system RWTHonline, students can, among other things, view their achievements as well as module descriptions and course structures. Furthermore, registration and deregistration for courses and examinations can be carried out independently via RWTHonline.


When continuing their studies, students must "re-register" each semester and transfer the respective applicable student body and social contribution fee to RWTH Aachen University in order to remain enrolled.

The Registrar's Office will send a reminder e-mail with the necessary information at the beginning of the re-registration period. In addition, the amount of the student body and social contribution fee and the banking details, etc can be viewed via RWTHonline at the beginning of the re-registration period.

Student Advisory Service

Each course of study has its own student advisory service, which will advise you on content-related and study-related questions and problems concerning your course of study. 

In addition, there is the Student Advise Center. They provide general information about study opportunities at RWTH Aachen University and help with exam preparation and application procedures.


SLCM stands for Student Lifecycle Management and involves the reorganization of processes related to exam performance management and course management.


Tutors are usually students who take care of first-year students in particular on a voluntary basis or for a small fee.

Certificate of Good Standing

You must submit a certificate of good standing if you have indicated in your unsworn declaration that you did not pass a course of study or can no longer be admitted to a required exam. The certificate of good standing is usually required if you change your course of study.


A lecture is a course at a university or university of applied sciences and is held by a professor or a lecturer with a doctorate. Lectures fall into the category of frontal teaching, where usually several hundred students listen to the lecture of a lecturer.

Elective Section

The curricula of the degree programs are divided into overarching compulsory sections, overarching compulsory elective sections and, depending on the degree program, compulsory areas of the professional fields/specializations. From each area, certain specified examinations or credit points must be completed in order to successfully complete the course of study.

Central Examination Office

The Central Examination Office belongs to the Department of Academic Affairs and Registrar's Office within RWTH Aachen's Central University Administration and is the central point of contact for students and examiners in examination matters.

Student Advice Center

The Student Advice Center of RWTH Aachen University is the neutral and free advice center at RWTH Aachen University. It is the first point of contact for all conceivable questions about studying and offers assistance on the following topics, among others: Orientation, requirements, process, preparation, rules for application-admission-enrollment, change of subject, psychosocial issues, info events.