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  • New dates for group counceling „studying worldwide“!
  • An overview of all international partner universities can be found here.
  • UROP Abroad allows qualified undergraduate students of the RWTH to participate in research programs at universities and research institutes in Kanada and the US.
  • In cooperation with several industrial partners the RWTH offers the Unitech Program, which sets out to expose students to discussions about current issues through a combination of exchange semesters, industry internships, coaching, and workshops.
  • Every university offers the possibility to study as a Free Mover. For this, you take a semester off at your home university in order to study a semester at a foreign university. The application process is handeld by the foreign university. Therefor, you need to visit the university’s homepage for further information and the application. Free Movers are not financially supported by a program. But Free Movers have the possibility to apply for scholarships from the RWTH or the DAAD. If you consider to visit a foreign university as a Free Mover, you first will need to clarify with your student advisor and the chairman of the examination board, wether you will be credited for courses or examaminations taken at the foreign university.