Erasmus+ Internship


Erasmus+ internships offer students the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their studies into practice during a company internship in a European country other than their own, and to get to know the culture, language and working methods of the host country in the process.

To be eligible for funding, the internship must last at least 60 days and be a compulsory or optional part of the course of study. Final theses that are practically prepared or written at universities or companies in other European countries can also be funded by the Erasmus+ program. The monthly stipend varies between 480 euros and 600 euros, depending on the cost of living in the destination country.

Companies in the public and private sectors are accepted as host companies, regardless of size, legal form or economic sector, including the social economy. Research internships at universities, also in the context of a thesis, can also be funded under the current Erasmus+ subprogram.