You can apply for a maximum of three partner universities of our department. After consultation, it may also be possible to apply via a partner university of our sister subject groups MuW and GuG. Please clarify this with your coordinator if you are interested. Please note that at least 60% of the subjects taken must be taken at the partner of the respective department. It is important to check carefully whether the range of subjects offered by a partner university matches your own course of study.   

For each of your desired host universities, please explain the subject-related motivation, in a maximum of 2000 characters including spaces, and the non-subject-related motivation, in a maximum of 1500 characters including spaces.  

Please also have the following documents ready for the online application: 

  • Study progress certificate 
  • Tabular curriculum vitae 
  • Current transcript of grades and, if applicable, bachelor's transcript if you are studying in the 1st master's semester 
  • Proof of knowledge of the language of instruction 
  • Preliminary course selection (does not correspond to the departmental routing slip!) 
  • Other voluntary evidence, such as awards, volunteer work, BeBuddy et cetera. 


The selection and recognition of your examination achievements from abroad is time-consuming! Before completing the Online Learning Agreement, you should download the routing slip and make an appointment with your academic advisor.

After creating the Online Learning Agreement, you will need to obtain various signatures (Departmental Coordinator of both universities). As each subject has to be checked, the procedure can take several weeks. Therefore, please start the preliminary consultation and take care of the Online Learning Agreement at least three months before the start of your Erasmus stay.

Please note: The Online Learning Agreement is of central importance for the approval of the Erasmus scholarship. The Online Learning Agreement must be completed in full and signed by all parties and uploaded to the online portal no later than two weeks before you start studying at your host university in order for the Erasmus grant to be awarded. You are responsible for submitting it before the start of your mobility.

The application is done online. The uniform, inter-faculty application period for applications for study places within the framework of Erasmus for the academic year 2024/25 is from 01.01.-31.01.2024 for winter semester 2024/2025 and/or summer semester 2025 or presumably 01.04.-15.04.2024 for the postponement procedure summer semester 2025.  

Here you can find the central online application portal for study abroad programs



Tip: What do you have to consider in your motivation letter?

Your letter of motivation plays a central role in your application. First of all, please briefly explain your previous studies, your level of study and, if applicable, your field of specialization. Then formulate precisely what you expect from the semester abroad. Show that you have given some thought to the integration of your studies abroad into your course of studies at RWTH Aachen University. Why do you want to go to this country, why to this university and what does the stay mean for your studies and your future? The discussion of the respective study system and the intended course of studies abroad should be recognizably in the foreground of the application letter; you are also welcome to include a short section about the country, language and culture. The application letter must be written in German as well as in English. 


Note on the Learning Agreement Confirmation from your academic advisor  

Your academic advisor is the person who takes care of the academic side of things. I.e. if you have chosen courses at the university of your choice, you should discuss them with him/her. Please make an appointment and be well prepared. 


What are the criteria for ERASMUS+ selection?  

  • Average grade of your previous studies 
  • Letter of motivation 
  • Application documents in general (completeness, general impression, 
  • visual impression etc.) 
  • Extracurricular commitment (e.g. buddy program, honorary activities, church commitment, HiWi etc.) 
  • Language certificate (B1 level should be proven, level is determined by the partner university - can therefore be higher depending on the university) 

If there are more applicants for a university than places offered, the available places will be awarded to the best applicants overall. 


What role does the average grade play in my studies?   

Although your average grade is taken into account in the evaluation of your application, the overall impression we receive of you is decisive for a nomination. You should therefore apply to study abroad under ERASMUS+ regardless of your average grade (however, your grade point average must be at least 3.0).


Further procedure:   

After the closing date, it will be decided who will receive an exchange place. 

Your documents will then be forwarded to the International Office. You will receive official notification from the International Office that you have been awarded an exchange place. The International Office forwards your application documents to the exchange university, which will then contact you. Often you also have to register online with the exchange university. The International Office will inform you about this.   

You should receive an email from the exchange university no later than 6 weeks after submitting your documents.   

If you have any questions, please contact the International Coordination of the Department of Resources and Waste Management