Participation in the ERASMUS program is only possible for the following students and under the following conditions: 

  • Status: Only regularly enrolled students of RWTH (visiting students cannot participate) with a grade point average not lower than 3.0. 
  • ERASMUS+ period of stay: An ERASMUS+ stay must last at least 2 months and may not exceed 12 months. 
  • Study status: Participation in the ERASMUS+ program is formally possible after the first year of study. However, each faculty decides when and at which stage of studies a stay abroad makes sense from a professional point of view. 
  • Multiple mobility and multiple funding: In the new ERASMUS+ program generation, ERASMUS+ mobility is possible in every study phase (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate). By ERASMUS+ mobility is meant: a study period, an internship or both in combination. However, per study phase the duration of the ERASMUS+ mobility or mobilities may not exceed twelve months. 

Please note that only the exchange places and relations offered by your own department are available to you. Applications via other faculties are only possible if they are faculties or subject groups close to your own subject group, which have not filled all vacant places with their own students and agree to allocate the remaining places to students of other subject groups or faculties. The corresponding coordinator here and at the exchange university must give their consent.