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If you are planning to spend one or two semesters of your studies abroad, you should start planning as early as possible and especially the recognition of the credits you intend to take or have taken abroad. Per semester you should take the subjects in such a way that you usually get 30 credits/semester together.  

Your contact person for this part of the planning is the .

Please start your preparations early enough before the desired date. The first step is to arrange a consultation with the study abroad coordinator of the department (Mrs. Backus).  

The application period for the academic year 2022/23 runs from January 01-31. You submit your application via this central online application portal.  

The selection and recognition of your examination results from abroad is time-consuming! Before completing the Online Learning Agreement, you should download the routing slip (see under Application) from our website and make an appointment with your academic advisor.

After completing the Online Learning Agreement, you will need to obtain various signatures (Departmental Coordinator of both universities). As each subject has to be checked, the procedure can take several weeks. Therefore, please start the preliminary consultation and take care of the Online Learning Agreement at least three months before the start of your Erasmus stay.

You can find the first information about planning here:  

Formalities (RWTH)  

Funding (RWTH)    

Prerequisite (FRE)    

Exchange possibilities (FRE)    

Application (FRE)  

Theses (FRE)   

ERASMUS+ Internship (FRE)