Graduate Portrait: Silke Janser

  Silke Janser Copyright: © FRE

I have been a graduate disposal engineer since 1999. I started my studies in Disposal Engineering at the RWTH Aachen in 1994. During my studies I also completed a two-month internship in Sweden where I was able to enhance my know-how in environment-friendly and low-cost energy supply of private households and learnt a great deal about the execution of environment protection and waste prevention in Sweden. I completed my studies in 1999 with a diploma dissertation on the topic of ‚Aluminum Recycling’.

I was then employed at the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy IBH) at the RWTG Aachen as science assistant. During my work at the institute I was involved i.a. with issues concerning transport and the recirculation of raw materials such as copper and aluminum into the secondary cycle, i.e. the collection and recycling of used products to enable resource-friendly production e.g. of cars, window frames or electronic equipment. Background: Germany has only a few metal sources of its own and is trying to prevent dependency on other countries by way of recycling. Questions arising from this field were handled in my work at the IBH and included in my Doctorate thesis in 2004.

As of June 2004 I worked in a division of DB Schenker Rail Freight Transport, formerly DB Cargo. My work was very varied: for example I was involved with the future development of the European waste market, since the waste market has increased and changed with the entry of more countries into the EU. German companies such as DB Schenker are now trying to clarify together with disposal engineers such as myself how much commitment can be provided by the new member states with regard to waste disposal.

I also assess cooperation potential with other companies, consult staff of the division with regard to disposal customer support and support the company in observing legal regulations.

From 2008 to 2012 I relocated to Copenhagen for 4 years. Deutsche Bahn founded a joint venture with the Swedish rail company, Green Cargo. The aim of my project management was to coordinate the processes of the two companies in order to optimize production. I have been back in Germany since the start of the year.

I am pleased I decided to study Disposal Engineering after leaving school. The wide range of subjects provided for the ‚disposer‘ is an excellent basis for varied work in subsequent employment. It is thanks to my engineering know-how enhanced with the foundation instruction I received in environment and waste law as well as business management that I am able to solve the challenges presented to me at work.