Graduate Portrait: Jan Lindenau

  Jan Lindenau Copyright: © FRE

I completed my studies in Raw Materials Engineering at the RWTH Aachen as a graduate engineer; since then I have been working in the blast engineering field. My employer, the company Orica , is the world’s largest supplier of commercial ignition and blasting material systems. I worked initially as a blasting engineer in Germany and am today responsible for the technical support of our electronic ignition systems worldwide in the research and development department; system tests, training programs and user support are part of my daily work.

I laid the foundation stone form my current work during my studies; as a ‚HiWi‘ (student assistant) in the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering I had the chance to participate in a project for blasting sound reduction. I completed course-related internships at various mining plants and open-pit mining companies. My diploma dissertation on the optimization of blasting plants in limestone quarries also has a close connection to the work I do today. But it was my final dissertation which I completed for the company Orica which ensured my employment in the company.

After my studies I trained as a blasting expert. Such courses and other additional qualifications are necessary to be allowed to handle explosives and igniters as a blasting engineer, to plan blasting plants and to be able to execute blasting work.

Today I travel the world over: South Africa, Europe or Latin America – staff need to be trained everywhere, tests have to be executed on site or problems solved.

My conclusion: Studying in the raw materials engineering field is well worth the effort. My studies provided me with an insight into numerous excursions in many areas of raw materials management and ensured I was fit to handle my current work.