Karl Arnold Prize 2023

  Group picture Copyright: © North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences and the Arts / Engel-Albustin 2023

Every year, the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences and the Arts awards the Karl Arnold Prize in recognition of outstanding research work or artistic achievement. The prize is named after the founder of the Academy, Minister President Karl Arnold.

This year, the prize for sustainability was awarded to Dr. Alina Wetzchewald and Dr. Rudolf Suppes. Both prizewinners make an important contribution to this field with their research work, which is why the prize was split this year.

This year, Professor Kathrin Greiff from ANTS and Professor Bernd Lottermoser from MRE at RWTH Aachen University acted as reviewers.

Alina Wetzchewald dedicated her dissertation at the University of Wuppertal to the topic of "Exnovation and transport transition". Her work makes an innovative contribution to the tried and tested extension of transition and exnovation theory to a barely researched field of application.

Rudolf Suppes completed his doctorate at RWTH Aachen University on the topic of "Sustainable evaluation and classification of projects for the recovery of mineral resources from non-ferrous metal processing residues", so-called tailings. The aim of his research was to develop a UN-compliant assessment and classification approach for mining waste. Mr. Suppe's innovative approach leads to a reinterpretation of tailings as a sustainable source of raw materials in terms of the circular economy.

We would like to congratulate Ms. Wetzchewald and Mr. Suppes and wish them continued success!