Institutes at the FRE


Unit of Mineral Processing AMR
The AMR is the only university facility in Germany which deals exclusively with the processing of raw materials. In addition to technical and management aspects, environment compatibility of processes and methods is also focused on.
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Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies – AMT
The AMT combines a range of competences in the field of raw materials extraction and heavy equipment engineering. These involve i.a. monitoring, diagnosis, and servicing, modeling and simulation as well as sensor systems and automation.
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Chair of Anthropogenic Material Cycles – ANTS
The main work within the I.A.R is in the field of processing and recycling of solid waste.
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Unit of Mining, Environmental and European Law – BUR
Main issues of this teaching and research section in addition to mining and environment law is especially European law.
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Chair of Repository Safety – ELS (former NET)
The INBK works as an inter-disciplinary research institute and deals with the development of innovative technical solutions for the entire nuclear fuels cycle. Main areas of work include nuclear supply and disposal, characterization and transmutation of radio-active waste as well as nuclear simulation.
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Institute for Mine Surveying, Mining Subsidence Engineering and Geophysics in Mining – IFM
Main issues involved in the IFM in teaching and research include mine-surveying /geo-technical surveying, geo-data management/cartography, mining damage as well as deposits processing and approval procedures.
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Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering – MRE
According to its motto "Knowledge to Resource", the MRE today educates mineral resources engineers and participates in inter- and multidisciplinary research on international level. Thus, MRE faces the complex challenges of a sustainable supply with mineral commodities by ceative approaches in both research and education
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Thermoprocesses and Emission Control in Waste Management and Recycling Teaching and Research Unit​ – TEER
The teaching and research section of TEER teaches and researches in the fields of thermal, physical and chemical conversion and processing of fossil, renewable and secondary energy sources. Special focus is placed on the minimization of harmful impact to the environment.
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