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Without raw materials, the lights will go out

Nivelsteiner Sandwerke Copyright: © Backus

The world’s population is demanding ever more raw materials and at the same time the earth’s natural resources are dwindling. That is why people are required with ideas for the development of efficient extraction and processing methods as well as recycling systems in order to ensure sustainable handling of the earth’s resources. Graduates from the field of Raw materials and Disposal Engineering make an important contribution to ensuring that the raw material requirements of future generations are also covered.

The Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering takes its responsibility for the earth’s resources very seriously. That is why experts are trained in the study course for the entire raw materials sector – the scope of work of students ranges from the first step, the extraction of raw material, through to the last step, recycling and thus covers the entire raw materials cycle.

The FRE organizes and supports the following study courses:

Sustainable Resources and Energy Supply, B. Sc.

Raw Materials Engineering (Master)

Sustainable Energy Supply (Master)

European Mining Course (EMC)

And is involved in teaching in the course of

Environmental Engineering (Bachelor/Master)