New podcast: "To the Point - Know More in 240 Seconds"

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The circular economy is becoming increasingly important as a form of economic activity that aims to conserve natural resources. In an ideal circular economy, mineral resources that have already been used in circulation are recycled again and again without generating waste, so that the need for new mineral resources decreases while economic growth continues to be made possible. In this way, the economy and society move within the natural capacities of the Earth system.

In the first episode of the new audio short format "To the Point - Know More in 240 Seconds," Nives Sunara talks with Professor Kathrin Greiff, head of the Institute for Anthropogenic Material Cycles (ANTS), Professor Lars Blank, head of the Institute for Applied Microbiology (iAMB), and Professor Elisabeth Clausen, head of the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT), as well as Dr. Montgomery Jaritz, founder of the startup IonKraft. 

Take a listen! No segment is longer than 240 seconds. 

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