Teaching award for the best course 2021

  Award winner Prof. Clausen Copyright: © FRE

The teaching award of the faculty for the best course concept of the year goes to Prof. Clausen of the AMT!

On 29.06.2022 the dean of studies Prof. Schwarzbauer presented the teaching award of the faculty for the best course concept of the year to Prof. Clausen from the Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT).

The course "Operating Materials for the Extraction of Mineral Raw Materials" was proposed with the justification that "in the course a framework is created in which the students can qualify themselves in the best possible way for future tasks and not only build up knowledge and specialist skills, but also apply these to solve complex problems. The underlying concept follows the philosophy that the teacher, in addition to presenting information and imparting knowledge, is also a coach and learning guide. The course is based on the concept of Constructive Alignment and is thus strongly oriented towards the learning objectives of the course. Through the various activities that are linked in the course, students are enabled to best achieve the learning objectives of the course."

In addition to lecture videos, activities integrated into the course include guest lectures from industry, or the additional offer of a challenge, in which students can apply the technical and methodological skills they have learned to work on an open problem.

"In this way, Prof. Clausen demonstrates how subjects can be shaped towards excellent teaching in order to train "engineers who can engineer" who will be able to successfully devote themselves to solving current - and tomorrow's - problems in the future."

In addition to the innovative approach, the selection committee also emphasized the special commitment that Prof. Clausen has brought to teaching for years.

We congratulate her most sincerely!