MINT-EC-Camp 2023

18.04.2023, 14:00 - 21.04.2023, 13:30


Sustainability in Resource Engineering - The path from extraction to recycling using the example of a cell phone

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On the topic of "Sustainability in Resource Engineering", the event deals with the raw materials cycle and spans the four days from the surveying of a raw materials deposit to extraction and processing to production and subsequent recycling - using a cell phone as an example.

The camp is open to 20 students from schools in the MINT-EC national excellence school network.

Almost everything humans do requires energy and mineral resources. We need resources to grow and mine food, get from point A to point B, heat homes and schools, run hospitals and provide clean drinking water. Businesses need resources to produce, to create jobs. Mineral resources and energy enable global communication and mobility. Without resources, development is not possible.

Where these mineral resources come from, how they are extracted, and how the materials for products in our daily lives are made from them - and sustainably, too - is what the MINT-EC camp in Aachen is all about. Where does the electricity for our cell phones come from, where do the metals used in cell phones come from? How is a cell phone designed so that it doesn't break, and how can we recover the mineral resources in cell phones?

In workshops, in the laboratory and technical center, in lectures and experiments, the young people gain a comprehensive insight into the world of mineral resources, product design and recycling. The central theme is always the cell phone. Among other things, the participants deal with the topic of sustainability using the example of a sustainability assessment.

During the days at RWTH Aachen University, the students also get to know the campus and the study opportunities on site.

We are looking forward to an exciting MINT-EC camp!

When? 18.04.2023, 14:00 - 21.04.2023, 13:30
Where? Mining building, Wüllnerstraße 2, 52062 Aachen
Cost? There is no participation fee!

Deadline for registration was 13.12.2022.