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You’re looking for students and graduates with extensive training and would like to meet the future engineers in the fields of raw materials and disposal engineering?

Contact forum Industry

With its Contact Forum for Industry the Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineeringprovides you with an excellent opportunity of contacting students and graduates of the specialist group and of presenting your company to them in detail.

The concept; reputable companies in the raw materials sector present their companies to students of the RWH and can therefore come into direct contact with potential staff, trainees or interns. In contrast to other forums, you are ensured of complete exclusiveness – only one company is present at each meeting which can be sure of interested participants: students, mainly from the courses of Raw materials Engineering and Disposal Engineering are invited to the event by the FEE by way of public announcement, participation is voluntary and not linked to any teaching session. 



Present your company profile and your work in a relaxed university atmosphere and meet our students personally at a social get-together.

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