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The Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) at the RWTH Aachen began its operations in 2009 under the management of Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Nienhaus. As a result of merging the two institutes of IBH (Institute for Mining and Metallurgy) and BGMR (Operating material for the mining of mineral raw materials), the core competences in the field of raw material mining and heavy equipment technology were combined under one roof.

Since March 2018, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Clausen runs the institute and developes with her team ruggedized, networked and autonomous machines and processes for the usage in raw material extraction. Very much in the spirit of ‚Mining 4.0‘ the current research focuses on the utilization of information for process, machine, and environmental monitoring through sensor systems and modern machine and process data analysis.

As part of the endowed professorship Advanced Mining Technologies, donated by the not-for-profit Ulrich Thiele Stiftung, a foundation established by the entrepreneur Ulrich Thiele from Iserlohn, Prof. Nienhaus is the co-director of he institute until 2020.

In addition to research and development, the core tasks include teaching in the industrial study courses of ‚Raw materials Engineering‘ and 'Sustainable Resources and energy Supply, B.Sc.' and the respective major subjects involved. The AMT supports students of these courses in numerous lectures and exercises in mechanical engineering. Contents of lectures range from mechanical foundation skills through to mechanical and mining-related experiments as well as specific problems in raw materials mining and heavy equipment technology.