Having emerged from the two institutes BBK I and BBK III in 2015, the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE) looks back at a long tradition in mining education and mineral resources research in Aachen. Today, its team comprises senior and junior research fellows from different fields who are supported by technical and administrative staff and a dynamic group of student workers.

According to its motto “Knowledge to Resource the Future”, the MRE today educates mineral resources engineers and participates in inter- and multidisciplinary research on international level. Thus, MRE faces the complex challenges of a sustainable supply with mineral commodities by creative approaches in both research and education.

MRE’s two locations at Wuellnerstrasse and Lochnerstrasse are situated in the heart of Aachen. Here the MRE team conducts hands-on research in close collaboration with the industrial sector as well as with international research institutions. The organization of international conferences and regular research publications, as well as MRE’s commitment towards the education of future mineral resources engineers are dedicated contributions towards a future sustainable mining.

Since July 2015, the director of the institute is Prof. Dr. Bernd Lottermoser.


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