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The Unit of Technology of Fuels (Lehr- & Forschungsgebiet der Technologie der Energierohstoffe) teaches and researches in the fields of thermal, physical, chemical and biological conversion of fossil, renewable und secondary energy resources. Special attention is given to emission reduction and energy efficiency.

To conduct experimental studies the TEER is equipped with a rotary kiln, furnaces and retorts as well as the associated equipment for fuel and gas analysis. Currently, an expansion of the technical center is taking place. This includes the installation of a fluidized bed incineration with a thermal capacity of 100 kW, a furnace (push grate, 150 kW) and a test stand for biomass pellets. In addition, a biomass gasifier combined with a gas engine (electrical capacity of ca. 15 kW) is installed.

To intensify the scientific activities, the TEER cooperates with various partners from all over Germany and neighboring countries.

Here you can find all current projects.