SIMS– Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems

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For about two decades, the AMT has been researching new technologies for the digitization of mining and heavy machinery. Our interest lies with the further development of the concept of “Mining 4.0,” with a focus on automation of processes in the extraction and processing of raw materials.

In addition to the transfer of jobs from potentially hazardous work areas to safe and more pleasant areas above ground, the realization of these goals, which are also goals of the SIMS project, enable a more efficient use of our resources as well as more cost-effective processes overall.


The SIMS project aims at making existing processes in mining more efficient, safer, and more sustainable. In order to attain this goal, direct and measurable influencing factors for more sustainable mining practices are being identified and appropriate measures and technologies are developed to enable a safer and more efficient mining process underground.


The SIMS project started in 2017, and is supported by the EU under Horizon2020. It brings together, aside from AMT and Luleå University of Technology, a number of renowned industry partners such as Agnico Eagle, Boliden AB, KGHM Cuprum, K+S, Epiroc, ABB, Ericsson and others.

Infrared (IR) and Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) technologies, contributed to the project by AMT, constitute the foundation for underground automation within the project and allow important analyses of machine data to be conducted outside safety-critical areas. This ensures improved safety for operators and machines alike. Furthermore, information obtained about the composition of the material at the mine face has enormous potential to advance selective and efficient extraction processes underground.

Project Actions

  • Material recognition at the mine face by means of infrared cameras
  • Early detection of looming fractions in the rock that indicated by very fine fissures, by means of infrared technology
  • Application and continuous improvement of UWB technology for localization and positioning of underground vehicles

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