Dry density sorting with a newly developed fluidized bed sorter

  Bed sorter for the dry sorting Copyright: © AMR

The growing demand for raw materials and the increasing shortage of water has resulted in an increase in the demand for dry sorting processes in raw materials processing. A number of methods already exist with regard to dry sorting, e.g. from the fields of magnetic and electrostatic separation as well as sensor-based sorting. While sorting of coarse material by sensor-supported sorting processes or via air jig machines is realizable economically and with a high flow rate, dry sorting processes are currently not available which enable density sorting for grain sizes under 2mm.

In this field the AMR (Unit of Mineral Processing) has developed a fluidized bed sorter for the dry sorting of fine grain together with two established companies. This aggregate called „AKAFLOW“ will soon be launched on an industrial basis.

In a homogeneous fluidized bed, resultant rock piles are bedded in accordance with density and discharged separately. Successful attempts show the potential of economic separation of e.g. heavy mineral sand, salt and slag of varying origin as well as coals. The results are comparable to conventional wet processes.



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