Pupils Workshop Raw Materials and Sustainability


Last week, the 4th grade of the catholic comprehensive school Luisenstraße visited our specialist group and learned a lot about sustainable raw material extraction, waste separation and recycling of plastic waste in a 2-hour workshop.

In three groups, the 16 students and their teachers went through the stations "You can't do without raw materials!" and "Waste separation - but the right way!" and then learned about various processes for sensor-based sorting of waste fractions in the sensor laboratory of the Institute for Anthropogenic Material Cycles (ANTS).

Afterwards, they went on a scavenger hunt through the mining building - the students solved various tasks with great enthusiasm and fun and were rewarded with a treasure chest at the end, in which each participant found a bag with presents.

We all enjoyed the activity, and it was great to see how much interest and joy the students had in the workshop and our topics!