M. Sc. Waste Management Engineering

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Ecological action to protect the environment and conserve existing natural resources is an essential component of modern-day industrial societies. Environmental waste disposal and sustainable recycling of valuable resources from waste products are important fields requiring well trained disposal engineers with creativity and know-how.

The Masters course in Waste Management Engineering provides comprehensive training in this field and forms an interface between the wide range of specialist fields such as environmental sciences or process engineering.

This course is aimed at Bachelor graduates from various engineering subjects dealing with environmental sciences and disposal engineering.

Brief summary


Master of Science

Contents of studies:

Disposal engineering, Waste management, Recycling, Environmental protection

Duration of studies:

4 semesters incl. completion of Masters dissertation

Entry requirements:

University degree

Majors subjects:

Solid waste, Waste water, Soil protection and Water management

Structure and Contents of Course

The Masters course comprises four semesters including completion of the Masters dissertation. Compulsory courses in the degree include basic instruction in the fields of Law, Safety at Work and Project Management.

Study plan Waste Management Engineering (B.Sc.)

Study plan Waste Management Engineering (M.Sc.)

The major part of the course of studies consists of the three subjects which can be selected:

Solid waste

  • Process engineering
  • Biological waste
  • Raw materials and recycling processes

Waste water

  • Water quality management
  • Ecotoxicology & Eco-chemistry
  • Hydrology

Soil protection and Water management

  • Sustainable raw materials management
  • Flood risk management
  • Ground water development and excavation

The major subjects are enhanced by specialist subject blocks which can include contents from inter-disciplinary courses of the RWTH Aachen such as e.g. languages or non-engineering optional subjects.

Preconditions & Application

Attention: Course of Study being phased out! Matriculation is impossible.

Professional Perspectives

Graduates with a Masters degree in Waste Management Engineering are specialists in the fields of disposal of solid waste, waste water treatment, sewage plant technology or soil protection and water management, depending on their respective major subjects.

Waste management engineers work i.a. in the following professions:

  • Waste disposal companies
  • Engineering offices
  • Company consultancy
  • Environment authorities and associations
  • Production plants
  • Research institutes

Possible tasks include:

  • Organization of services or plants
  • Planning of plants for waste and wastewater management
  • Management, Environment and Engineering consultancy
  • Environment law
  • Research & Development

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