Environmental Engineering, M. Sc.

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Do you want to expand your knowledge in technology and the natural science and develop engineering solutions for environmental related challenges of the future? The interdisciplinary Master course of study in Environmental Engineering offers you the possibility to prepare for this task over the course of four semesters and to specialize your basic knowledge in one of the five concentrations. Whether sustainable building, water management, process engineering, or recycling - you will have the chance to fine tune your methodological knowledge and your ecological power of judgment and to further expand your technical understanding. You will be optimally prepared for work at the cross-section of technology and the environment.

Degree Content

During Master's studies, students specialize in one of the concentrations of the program. The following concentrations can be chosen from:

  • Energy and Environment in Civil Engineering
  • Urban Water
  • Water Resources Management
  • Environmental Process Engineering
  • Recycling

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